Queen Real Tribute

Queen Real Tribute established in April, 2006.
The band consist of professional musicians who played in Serbia with the famous stars. They are also big fans, so they started to play songs of Queen to preserve the memory of one of the greates rock bands of all times and their singer Freddy Mercury.
During 2007. and 2008. they made numerous concerts all over the eastern Europe, and very soon they became one of the biggest Queen Tribute bands in the world. Also, they became one of the lead Real Tribute Bands in European Real Tribute project.
At the end of 2008. they recorded live DVD video named “Magic Rhapsody”, at the Boogaloo (Zagreb – Croatia).
During 2009. they got a lot of invitations from abroad which produces many concerts in Europe and that gave them good international reputation.
In May 2010. Queen Real Tribute was in Brazil, playing 15 concerts. Brazilian fans said that Queen Real Tribute is the best Queen Real Tribute in the world. In summer of 2012. Queen Real Tribute played in front of 50.000 people at biggest Belgrade festival. October and November 2013. Queen Real tribute for the second time in Brazil.


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