AC/DC Real Tribute by BANDX

The band was established 1996, known as “No Comment”. After ten years of temporarily performances as a group or solo, band members decided to reunion under the name of “BandX” and now is perform as AC/DC Tribute Band. We play all AC/DC repertoire, including songs sang by Bon Scott’s and Brian Johnson.

BandX members are: guitars – Darko and Dragan, bass – Darko, drums – Skora, vocal – Billy.

BandX AC/DC Tribute Band performed on great festivals and motor-bikes gatherings: BeerFest 2006,2007, 2009., Rock Village 2007, CMOK Festival, Rock Otocec 2010.

BandX became a part of the Real Tribute project recently and there are plans for us to perform in Europe in coming period…

We made an album called Wild Ride ( Ammonite Records ), with 9 very known songs from music history covered in AC/DC style, and one own song called Wild Ride.
We get all permissions from publishers and authors.

Our special guest on promotion in Belgrade were Mrs.Susan Masino ( USA ), author of AC/DC biography Let There Be Rock, and Mr.Brian Rasic ( UK ) known photographer from London.


Technical Rider

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